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For over 50 years, Horizon Global has been the model of excellence, producing superior Automotive, Consumer Durable, Electrical, Tele Communication parts that uniquely reflect the expertise of our employees, our innovative ideas and our unwavering dedication to deliver our best – each and every day.


Our Integrity

With the third generation of the founding family now advancing into leadership, Horizon Global continues to promote a team-based culture where employees truly feel a bond in their efforts to satisfy customers. Working together in an environment of trust, they have done – and will continue to do – great things.

Our Experience

An unmatched commitment to intensive training and on-going education provides our employees with real skills that lead them to more informed observations and better decisions. As a result, our employees exhibit unparalleled dedication and loyalty, bringing time-tested solutions to every job.

Our Edge

New technologies and process innovations are hallmarks at Horizon, where research and development is seen as an investment in our customers. By fostering proactive inquiry and study, Horizon provides an encouraging environment for forward-thinking solutions that have direct benefits.