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CAD Design, Tooling & Engineering

Our ability to enhance existing products and continually improve processes rests on the expertise of a talented group of employees who are among the best in the industry for CAD design, tooling and engineering.

Rubber & Plastic Molding

Each of our two business units has a dedicated molding facility in order to achieve the highest levels of quality, pursuing new advances in injection molding, The company is in the business of manufacturing and supplying high quality Rubber &Plastic  components. The product range includes products like extruded rubber components (Grommets, O Rings, door seals, co-extruded profiles, etc.), hose pipes (braided, non-braided), molded rubber parts, metal to rubber bonded parts (suspension rubber parts), and vast variety of similar rubber components & Plastic Components like (Automobile & Home Appliances Parts)

Research & Testing

From a well-equipped lab where new processes and technologies are measured against the highest industry standards to the latest in high-tech testing equipment, Horizon Global is capable of analysing and assessing the potential for revolutionary advances as well as refining processes for continuous improvement.

Laboratory:  The unit has well equipped laboratory for conducting all types of physical chemical and Micro Structure Tests to supply zero Defect Product.

  • Chemical Analysis Equipment
  • Oil Immersion Test
  • Dry Oven Test
  • Hardness Tester
  • Elongation and Tensile Strength
  • Compression Set Test
  • Temperature Measuring Equipment with Digital Display
  • Specific Gravity Test and Ash Content
  • Proper records and Documentation are being maintained on Regular basis
  • Calibration of all laboratory equipment’s are being used to be done on regular intervals with proper Documentation
  • DIES MACHINE SHOP: Our Unit has engaged Qualified Persons to make dies for us as per drawing of our customer dies are designed and developed to suit the moulding machine keeping in view of the nature of items. These dies are subjected for regular check-up and proper record and documentation have also been maintained.
  • Maintenance/Repairs of Dies are made if any spot found on moulding part at the time of visual segregation.