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Whether it’s with our co-workers, our customers or our community, partnerships are at the heart of everything we do at Horizon. Our organization is dedicated to making a difference at every level. Working side by side, we are always searching for a better way… and a better world.Horizon Global Limited is committed to produce world class quality products & determined to achieve to achieve the utmost level of customer satisfaction & to be the leader in Plastic & Rubber processing industry.

Horizon is a key Tier-1 System Supplier to Automotive industry in India and world-wide, providing solutions for Modules and Systems made out of Engineering plastics components and assemblies. Over the period, the company has evolved as an automotive engineering plastics component supplier and by now has established as a Tier-1 supplier to major OEM. Horizon is recognized world-wide as a reliable partner in automotive supply chain with Below 10 PPM Quality performance, on time Deliveries and Global Competitive Pricing.

In delivering the above solutions to its customer,Horizon expertise on following process capabilities with wide range of engineering plastics as mentioned below.